Shopkeepers in Jackson Heights, Queens, prepared on 5 June 2020 for potential riots by boarding-up small businesses operating alongst 37th Ave. in Queens. Despite irrational fears, looters have a right to assemble. Progress New York/File Photograph

EDITORIAL : Looters have a right to assemble, too

The NYPD appear to target activists by imposing “burdens” based on ideology, for example on looters. But looters have a right to assemble, since First Amendment rights are not qualified by ideology.

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At the P.S. 33 elementary school in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, a poll supervisor attended to a registered voter, who was twice denied a ballot during the June 23 Democratic Part primary election. The voter waited over 11 hours to be able to cast an affidavit ballot due to missing pages for local elections and wrong information about the voter's party affiliation. Progress New York

As the Board of Elections tosses absentee ballots, a signaling that the Feds may countenance voter disenfranchisement

As the New York City Board of Elections is reportedly disqualifying a large number of absentee ballots cast, the U.S. Attorney’s Office remains mum.

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