The City of New York has refused to make public the complete data about its wastewater surveillance programme. As a result, the public is unable to prepare for the detection of viral outbreaks, including new variants of the Coronavirus. The limited data released to Progress New York is the subject of this report. Data Analysis by @CestVraiApp.

New York City promises wastewater surveillance data to academic researchers, depriving the public of Coronavirus pandemic infection signals

New York City pledges its Coronavirus wastewater variant surveillance data to academics. Is that why the Government won’t publicly release the data ?

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Newly released New York City wastewater SARS-CoV-2 sequencing records confirmed early, never before admitted detection of the Omicron variant

Newly released surveillance records indicate that New York City first detected an “Omicron overlap” from wastewater samples dated 15 November 2021, and samples from the Newtown Creek wastewater treatment plant showed Omicron was responsible for nearly 9 per cent. of viral abundance one week later.

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After New York City missed the Omicron outbreak, the Government’s lockstep acts to deny the public release of pandemic data become clear

The Government is making it difficult to collect, report, and disclose pandemic data as the Omicron variant spreads without control.

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