U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA 12) was reëlected as House Speaker on 3 January 2021. Her speakership was the target of a pressure politics campaign launched by comedian Jimmy Dore in a bid to compel a floor vote for Medicare For All. The campaign revealed how self-described progressives placed their loyalty to Speaker Pelosi before their commitment to a single-payer, universal healthcare system, even during a deadly pandemic. C-Span (Screen Shot) (Fair Use)

AOC, DSA try to move beyond unexpected social media fracas that challenged their progressive credentials, tested their loyalty to Pelosi over Medicare For All

Nancy Pelosi was reëlected as House Speaker, despite a social media campaign launched by Jimmy Dore against AOC and the Squad to fight for Medicare For All. Now, the AOC and the DSA are trying to pretend that they weren’t unmasked as unprincipled.

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