Editorial Policy

A check on power

Progress New York operates as a coöperative, publishing investigative journalism that serves as a check on power. Using data, sourced information, and technology, Progress New York objectively reports the news to the public that other media will not touch. News reports and editorials will apply scrutiny on Government and business leaders, on lobbyists, and on others in positions of power.

Reporters, bylines, and sources

Progress New York will initially publish reports under a platform byline : “By Progress New York Staff.” At first, this byline will allow the publication to speak to the public in one voice. To vigorously report the truth, reporters writing articles and editorials for Progress New York may trigger retaliation from people in power. In the past, some lobbyists and public relations professionals have threatened writers for Progress New York with lawsuits, with attempts at intimidation, and with other threats of retaliation. As a result, Progress New York will offer anonymity to protect its reporting.

From time to time, Progress New York may also grant anonymity to individuals as a way to protect our sources from the culture of retaliation that generally exists, particularly in New York politics. People, whether in Government or in business, should not face intimidation or retaliation for speaking the truth. In order to deliver meaningful news to the public, Progress New York will verify and stand by information that it publishes that is attributable to anonymous sources.


As part of its commitment to publishing news reports that are data-driven, Progress New York intends to publish all documents and records it obtains from open records requests made under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL).

Communicate with us securely

Progress New York welcomes information and tips from the public. To securely share information with Progress New York, please use our dedicated Signal telephone number : (347) 551-2299. Signal offers end-to-end encryption for text, voice, document, and photograph transmissions. You can set messages and attachments to automatically disappear a certain time after they have been viewed, for added security.

To download and install Signal on your Smartphone, please go to the Signal Web site. For information about using a second telephone number (other than your real telephone number) for Signal, read this article in The Intercept.


Progress Queens will consider requests for corrections. To submit a request for a correction, please send an e-mail to : contact [at] progressnewyork [dot] news.