About Progress New York

Progress New York is a new investigative journalism worker coöperative.  It was founded after the contraction of the newspaper industry. It’s mission is to ensure that the robust role of the “Fourth Estate” continues in New York.

The backbone of reporting by Progress New York will be a data-driven model of journalism that will seek to find patterns in how individuals attempt to corruptly influence government. By publishing these reports, Progress New York aims to expose corruption that will lead to legal, social, and economic reforms to improve democratic participation in Government.


Progress New York will focus on reporting that will determine whether New York City will survive the political and business corruption that is driving gentrification.

This ethos will take the form of investigations of political figures, business leaders, lobbyists, and campaign consultants, who are at the nexus that is leading to dispacement of long-term residents, record homelessness, and the unaffordability crisis that is undermining the social and economic fabric of New York.

By exposing corruption, Progress New York hopes to establish democratic control over land use in New York City.