Members of ACT Up have reportedly engaged in discussions with Nike, Inc., over the alleged misappropriation of a form of the advocacy group's most symbolic protest poster. Photo Illustration/Progress New York

Nike consulted ACT UP on donations after the sports wear giant allegedly misappropriated pink triangle synonymous with SILENCE = DEATH poster

Nike has yet to publicly explain its use of an inverted pink triangle on sports wear that appeared to misappropriate or infringe on ACT UP’s pink triangle logo.

By Progress New York Staff

Corporate sports wear giant Nike, Inc., consulted with the advocacy group, the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, or ACT UP, about the distribution of $50,000 in donations after Nike had been accused by ACT UP of misappropriating a form of its pink triangle logo that is a graphic centerpiece of a poster that has become synonymous with the advocacy group.

The Silence = Poster was created by Avram Finkelstein, Brian Howard, Oliver Johnston, Charles Kreloff, Chris Lione, and Jorge Soccarás. The poster became closely identified with ACT UP.

It is not known if the consultation between Nike and ACT UP over the intended recipients of the $50,000 in corporate donations represents settlement of the alleged logo infringement. Nike did not immediately answer a press inquiry, and a member of ACT UP said that the group would consider making a statement to Progress New York.

Prior to discussions about Nike’s donations to LGBTQ youth groups, Nike had misappropriated ACT UP’s pink triangle logo in its sports wear and marketing.

ACT UP has reportedly urged a lockdown on discussions with the media.

Following publication of an earlier report by Progress New York, members of ACT UP were urged not to speak with the media without consulting the group’s “Nike team.” “Because we are still working things out, it is very important that we do NOT mention anything about specific donations/money to the press right now. We do NOT want to jeopardize/confuse anything,” the admonition to ACT UP members read, in relevant part.