Cest Vrai Week In Review

Progress New York releases preview of C’est Vrai : Week In Review newsletter

New Weekly Newsletter

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Welcome to the debut issue of C'est Vrai : Week In Review, a weekly newsletter. C'est Vrai is the name of a transparency reporting app that is the backbone of a new investigative journalism Web site, Progress New York. "C'est Vrai" is French for, "It's true." With C’est Vrai, it just takes a few clicks to collect fact-based, sourced information on relationships between two individuals or entities, helping journalists write articles about the role of money in politics in New York and eventually beyond. As this newsletter evolves, it will draw on information from C'est Vrai to give context to the week's news.

This is a complimentary issue, being provided to you as an early preview of the newsletter. This newsletter was a service we promised to donors of our recent Indiegogo campaign. In the future, the C'est Vrai : Week In Review newsletter will be available by subscription to supporters, who provide financial support on Patreon for the benefit of Progress New York.

C’est Vrai : Week In Review

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